Well, after being extremely blocked on the next chapter of L.E.A.P., I think I've discovered the way to do it. I went for a walk, sat down on a bench with no electronics nearby, and started writing with pen and paper. The ideas flowed freely, and so much better than they had when I was sitting at my netbook, music playing in the background, with my email open.

So, though I'm still going slowly, I'm working through the chapter with extra flow and detail. Expect to see the next chapter out in the next week!

I'm so tired... So yeah I'm working on a project right now but hopefully I'll get to do some work on L.E.A.P. chapter four soon! As well, this is my new site, so tell me:
What should I add?
Do you like it?
Anything else?

And... I've really got to go so I'll end this here!