I used to write FanFiction, which is why I'm composing a (less than formal) guide to writing FanFiction on my old account, Ilovetoread72! Check it out on my old profile here, and don't forget to leave a comment! :) I love feedback.
Yup, the much-awaited Prologue and Chapter One of The Timekeeper's Son have been posted! Well, much-awaited by me :)

Check 'em out here! And please leave a comment, I love feedback and stuff :D

Sometimes I feel like there are two of me, the one who likes to read and the one who likes to write.

Well, I've finally decided to satisfy the reading portion and remodel my old Wattpad profile, Ilovetoread72, into a new review user, as well as create a new website for this purpose - h
It has taken me WAYYYY too long to post this blog post.

Multi-Dimensional is... or was, my attempt at the Watty Awards. Sadly it looks like I may delete it and save it for next year.
Sorry I haven't been around on Weebly for a while but I've got a few things to say!

I haven't had any feedback of any kind on the latest chapter of L.E.A.P.: Alpha. This makes me sad.

Hooray, the weekend is just around the corner! I'll FINALLY have time to do some writing, so look out for the next chapter of L.E.A.P. sooner or later...

...Oh wait, I have finals next week. Scratch that.

Well, it looks like I won't have that much time to write. I'll be mostly studying... But perhaps if I hear some begging I might reconsider.
For once, I'm actually planning more than one chapter ahead. Here's a plan for the next two chapters:

L.E.A.P.: Alpha chapter 7 will be a much shorter chapter in a different perspective and a different setting. That's all I'm giving away ~ Goal: 5001 characters. Current: In planning stage

L.E.A.P.: Alpha chapter 8 will be a normal-length chapter, but I'm going to try and make it longer than the average. (Four pages?) ~ Goal: 10001/15001 characters. Current: (Approx) 50

So, L.E.A.P. chapter 7 will be released in a bit! I'm trying to get ahead, to have extra chapters, so I may have slightly longer waits. Or shorter...
L.E.A.P. chapter six is out! It's been called by ThePinkyandTheBrain my best chapter yet, so check it out! It's more detailed, and I've used different methods to write it, so it should be a bit unique for me...
Well, after being extremely blocked on the next chapter of L.E.A.P., I think I've discovered the way to do it. I went for a walk, sat down on a bench with no electronics nearby, and started writing with pen and paper. The ideas flowed freely, and so much better than they had when I was sitting at my netbook, music playing in the background, with my email open.

So, though I'm still going slowly, I'm working through the chapter with extra flow and detail. Expect to see the next chapter out in the next week!

I'm extremely busy lately ^^ Having a bunch of projects due this week that are all final super-important projects will definitely slow down my updating, and with finals coming up in two weeks I probably won't be writing normally for a little bit now :(