I'm extremely busy lately ^^ Having a bunch of projects due this week that are all final super-important projects will definitely slow down my updating, and with finals coming up in two weeks I probably won't be writing normally for a little bit now :(

Today I worked more on the chapter. To be specific, during math class. Hopefully I'm smart enough to pass the test anyway, right? But yeah, the next chapter is now coming along fairly good. All I needed was to restart... Again.
Ah, I'm finding it really hard to work on LEAP but to today I will finish the next chapter! I WILL! NOTHING CAN STOP M- Oh, is that cake?

Yeah! So, sadly yesterday I didn't find time to work on anything, but today I am planning on working at least half an hour on L.E.A.P. as well as (If I remember) posting a short story.

Keep on reading!

I'm doing more and more short stories, expect some up soon!

As well, I'm working on another secret book project :D
I'm so tired... So yeah I'm working on a project right now but hopefully I'll get to do some work on L.E.A.P. chapter four soon! As well, this is my new site, so tell me:
What should I add?
Do you like it?
Anything else?

And... I've really got to go so I'll end this here!